Scattered Warriors 1: A Tearful End Introduction

Scattered Warriors is, as its name suggests, based around several fighters from various backgrounds coming together to protect their homes. With two main characters at the books heart, it has a side-note of romance, though it is ultimately about camaraderie and friendship; people coming together in the face of unimaginable odds, to face off against a seductive evil super-power.

Questioning authority isn’t something that Kyle or Trish have ever done before. But they must if they are going to succeed at being the symbols that their fathers have sculpted them to be. Kyle’s father Bessor, a respected warrior from battles in generations past, leads this group of would-be heroes in what is his last attempt to save his country from a devastating war. With friends at their side, and courage in their hearts, these young champions fight for their honor and for their loved ones; all for the first time.

From early on, it is evident that something malevolent is creeping across the nation, and that it’s target is none-other than the champions of the last war. With three of the four already beyond the grave, including Trish’s father Dewmon, only Bessor is left. It is his face that attracts the claws of death, wielded by the powerful and dangerous. But, it is with a younger generation that he is now serving his country and ultimately the world.

Will ‘A Tearful End’ break apart the epic romance that has only just been embraced? Will it take with it into the folds of the grave a precious loved one, thus crippling the group of men and women fighting for the free-world? Or will it take something more from the world, something that was almost stolen twenty years ago… Hope. It is the only weapon to wield against the evil that once again stalks the earth, and it is the only thing that can be embraced amidst the darkness that wishes death and destruction to all that is good.

This is only the first installment in The Scattered Warriors Trilogy, and as the first hurdle in Kyle and Trish’s life as warriors, it will be the hardest. They will live, they will love, and they will lose. They will fight against battle-hardened warriors with decades of experience, they will fight against slavery and its unmistakable presence in the world, and they will fight against magic that they barely understand and cannot always control. In this first novel, they will only glimpse the real evil behind this destructive force sweeping across the pages of history. Will they all survive what is only the first wave of this horrible plot to destroy the world?

Following are the links to the chapters that I have and any extras I have available. Read with a free hand to turn the pages (so to speak) and you could slip into the world of Getanis, be drawn into the intense struggle for power, and be swept away by the fast-paced adventures of Scattered Warriors.

Extras on:

Dussem, The Witch – A Biography

The Sacred Stones & Their Creators

Why Am I Writing Scattered Warriors?

About Scattered Warriors : A Tearful End

Dussem’s Entrance *spoiler alert*

What To Expect From Scattered Warriors II – Sneak Peaks *Spoiler Alert*

Map of Nelese

Available Chapters:

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Scattered Warriors: A Tearful End Ch.II

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